The Scout...Laser Engraved Photo

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"The Scout"...a laser engraved photo of the iconic Scout statue in Kansas City, MO

The Scout statue is located in Penn Valley Park in Kansas City, MO. The statue was designed by Cyrus E. Dallin and was dedicated in 1922 as a memorial to local Indian tribes. 

Originally made for the the Panama Pacific Exposition in San Francisco in 1915 where it won a Gold Medal the statue first came to Kansas City as part of a temporary exhibit. Local citizens liked it so much they raised $15,000 to purchase the statue. 

The statue features a Sioux scout on horseback and is set on a hill overlooking downtown Kansas City, MO. and has become a symbol and mascot of Kansas City.

This engraving features a photo of the statue overlooking the Kansas City Skyline and has been laser engraved on a basswood live-edge plaque. This piece measures about 13 inches wide and 12 inches tall and is about 3/4 inch thick.  It can be displayed using a small easel or could be hung from a wall (hanger is not included).




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