Mountains are Calling Cutting Board

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This high quality laser engraved cutting board is made of Mango wood and has been treated with food-grade mineral oil specially formulated for cutting boards. Mango wood is a hardwood that is well suited for use as a cutting board.  The rich, warm colors of the wood make it one of the best looking woods when laser engraved.

The board is about 20.5 inches by 9 inches and 3/4 of an inch thick. It has been laser engraved with a mountain scene that features a hiker and features a quote by John Muir: "The Mountains are calling and I must go"

This is a fully usable yet decorative item perfect for the outdoor person or hiker in your life. We recommend that you cut on the non-engraved side of the board and then when not in use the cutting board can provide decoration for any kitchen or home.

 Cutting Board Care Instructions

For maximum longevity of your cutting board please see these simple care instructions.

  • It is recommended that you cut on the non-engraved side of the board.
  • Hand wash your cutting board. It is not recommended to wash them in a dishwasher as the heat and water pressure can warp or splinter the wood.
  • Do not let the board stand or soak in water as that can contribute to warping of the wood.
  • Do not use bleach on the board.
  • We recommend you oil your cutting board on a regular basis. When treating the board use only a Food Grade Mineral Oil, Beeswax or some other food grade product designed specifically cutting boards or butcher blocks. Your cutting board has been treated with Food Grade Mineral Oil after engraving and again prior to shipping.
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