Faith Community Church

Faith Community Church

These products are for purchase by members or visitors of Faith Community Church in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Each item features either the new Faith Community Church Logo or the Five Sola Design as pictured below and can be personalized with a name if desired. 

faith.png                   sola.png

You can order these with either the Faith Community Church Logo or the Five Sola design.

When ordering select local delivery option to avoid shipping charges and the item will be delivered at church. 

The Journals also will have an option of letting you add a Scripture Verse as well or having another design instead of the logo for gift purposes.

  • $2.00 from each purchase will go towards the Faith Community Church Mission Fund.
  • We have limited numbers of each item in stock ready to engrave after which we will have to order additional stock from our suppliers.
  • All items when complete will be available for pickup at the Church.