Historic Trails of Kansas Laser Engraved Map

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  • Historic Trails of Kansas Laser Engraved Map
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Historic Trails of Kansas Laser Engraved Map

Kansas played an important role in the westward expansion of the United States. Many of the major trails that were used during the westward expansion traveled through Kansas, including:

  • Santa Fe Trail
  • Oregon Trail
  • Smoky Hill Trail
  • Pony Express Route
  • Butterfield Overland Stage Line Route

From its early days as a territory through it’s infancy as a state Kansas was at the center of many historical events. Sometimes referred to as "Bloody Kansas" the state was founded in the turmoil that led to the Civil War and had several significant battles and events throughout it's early history. Once the war was over Kansas became the center of the “Wild West” as Cowtowns like Abilene, Caldwell, Wichita, Ellsworth and Dodge City became the shipping point for thousands of head of cattle that were driven up from Texas on the Chisholm and Western Cattle Trails among others.

Using a map created by the Kansas Department of Transportation as the basis, this Historic Trails of Kansas Map shows the routes of these important trails and locations of some key historical events. The map was converted and then laser engraved on birch plywood and framed, making a great decorative piece for any lover of Kansas History. The highly detailed map measures 12” x 18” and comes either ready to hang or unframed if desired. The map could also be engraved on leather if desired for an additional cost.

Please note that color and style of frame might vary slightly depending on availability. 


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