Historic Lake Scott Laser Engraved Map

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Historic Lake Scott Laser Engraved Map

Historic Lake Scott also known as Scott State Park is 1,280-acre State Park located in Scott County, Kansas.

The park was established in 1928 when the family of Herbert Steele donated the land for the Park.  Mr. Steele and his wife homesteaded in the area in the late 1800's and their house has been preserved as a museum to the hearty pioneers that settled this area of Western Kansas. 

Scott State Park has been recognized by National Geographic as one of the country's 50 "Must See" state parks.  The wild beauty and rugged canyons that surround the park stand in stark contrast to the relatively flat farm ground of Scott County. The park features the 100-acre spring fed, Scott State Fishing Lake and is one of the most historic locations in Kansas. It included numerous archeological sites including the remains of the northernmost Native American Pueblo known as El Cuartelejo or El Quartelejo. 

Also in the area immediately south of the State Park is Battle Canyon which is the site of the last battle in Kansas between the Northern Cheyenne and the US Cavalry.  Other area attractions include Monument Rocks, the Scott County Historical Museum and Jerry Thomas Art Gallery. 

This laser engraved map of Historic Scott County Lake features photos from different landmarks in the park and would make a great decoration for the home or office of anyone whose loves this unique place in Kansas. 

Please note that color and style of frame might vary slightly depending on availability. 

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