Disclaimer and Additional Fees Notice

Important Note: Additional artwork fees might apply if extensive work or time is needed to get your design file or logo suitable for engraving.  In order to avoid this please make sure you have a high quality black and white version of the logo and it is preferred that the design is in a vector artwork format. If your logo was professionally designed the designer should have provided you with a file in a common vector format such as .ai .svg or .eps.

We will always strive to minimize any additional charges for artwork design or modification but sometimes due to the time involved in preparing a file to be suitable for laser engraving additional changes may need to be added to the cost of the product. In the rare cases where additional fees are necessary we would communicate that to you upon receiving your logo or design. You are more than welcome to email us a copy of the artwork for evaluation prior to ordering if you desire to.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to refuse to engrave any message that is offensive or promotes racism or violence towards others. Likewise we reserve the right to not do engraving for groups that promote racism or violence towards others. All custom orders are reviewed for inappropriate messages and we reserve the right to deny our engraving services for any group or message that is inappropriate or that promotes illegal behavior, etc.