Custom Photo Engraving

Custom Photo Engraving

Today's lasers are able to engrave a very high quality photo on several different types of materials including:

Using specialized design software we are able to take a high quality photo and custom engrave it on a variety of surfaces. The end result is a long lasting and unique item suitable for special gifts or just as a special keepsake. 

As with any type of photo printing or reproducing, the quality of the photo is very important to ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality. Here are a few things that are important to consider when thinking about whether a photo is suitable for engraving.

  • Resolution of the photo.  Custom engraving requires photos that have at least 300 DPI resolution. Keep in mind that most photos downloaded from Facebook or other online social media sites are often downsized to 72 DPI which is not enough resolution to engrave well. While we can sometimes increase the resolution using software the better and higher the original photos resolution the better the finished product will be.
  • A well exposed photo is also important. While we can and will adjust the exposure using state of the art photo editing programs like Photoshop there can be cases where a photo might be either too dark or too light to make for a quality engraving.
  • An in focus photo is also important to getting a quality laser engraved image.
  • In order to produce a high quality laser engraved photos we use the latest in design and photo processing software to convert your photo into a file format that is suitable for engraving. We will do all we can with any photo sent to us but please keep in mind these important requirements to getting the highest quality engraving for your money.
  • All photos will be cropped appropriately to fit the size ordered unless they are already in that aspect ratio.

Feel free to contact us using the Contact Form with any questions or click on one of the links below to order a custom engraved photo.

If you have questions about if your photo is suitable for engraving please use the "Contact Us" form to request an evaluation of the photo prior to ordering.  We will provide you with an email address to send the photo in for evaluation prior to you placing the order.

  • Laser Engraved Marble Tile

    Laser Engraved Marble Memorial Tiles

    These high quality Black Marble Tiles are available in either 3.8" x 3.8" or 4" x 6" sizes and laser engrave very nice. They are excellent for memorial plaques for your favorite pet and can be custom designed and engraved especially for you.
  • Lost Springs Kansas Church laser engraved on a round Basswood Bark Plaque

    Lost Springs Kansas Church

    A photo of an old church in Lost Springs, Kansas laser engraved on a round Basswood bark plaque. Lost Springs, Kansas was an important stop on the Sante Fe Trail and is located in Marion County, Kansas.  While the original Lost Springs campsite is...
  • Laser engraved photos are perfect for weddings, family portraits or any subject. Laser engraved photos can capture amazing detail.

    Photo Engraved on 1/8 Birch Plywood

    MSRP: $39.95
    Your photo engraved on a piece of 3mm (1/8 inch) Birch Plywood.  This wood allows incredible detail for engraving your favorite photo. Custom laser engraved photos make a special and lasting memory and are suitable for gifts for all occasions and...
  • Your Photo Laser Engraved on Agate Slice Your Photo Laser Engraved on Agate Slice

    Photo Engraved on Agate

    These beautiful Agate slices can be custom laser engraved with a photo, saying, logo or design especially for you. We now have agate slices available in two different sizes: Small: These agate slices are typically 2.5" to 3.25" in size and are...
  • Photo engraved directly on canvas Photo engraved on painted canvas

    Photo Engraved on Canvas

    We can laser engrave your photo directly onto canvas. Starting with a high quality photo we convert the photo into a format that is suitable for laser engraving. Photos can be engraved directly on the canvas as in the example of the giraffe or the...
  • Photo Engraved on Ceramic Tile

    Photo Engraved on Ceramic Tile

    Your photo laser engraved on a ceramic tile. These ceramic tiles are excellent for laser engraving a photo of your choice.  They are well suited for engraving a photo of your favorite person or pet. They are available in either 4" x 4" or 6" x 6"...
  • Eagle and American Flag..a composite photo of images taken by Ad Astra Images Eagle and American Flag..a composite photo of images taken by Ad Astra Images

    Photo Engraved on Round Basswood Bark Blanks

    These round Basswood Blanks are excellent for engraving photos. Basswood is a light colored wood that is well suited for laser engraving. These round Basswood Blanks come in three different sizes and have the bark on the outside. They are great for...
  • Wedding Photo Engraved on Leather...The perfect third anniversary gift! Photo engraved on leather

    Your Photo Engraved on Leather

    Your photo custom engraved on high quality leather.  Leather is an outstanding material for laser engraving photos. It allows amazing detail to be engraved and is perfect for wedding photos, etc. We can prepare and engrave any high quality photo to...